The electric rays are a group of rays, flattened cartilaginous fish with enlarged pectoral fins, comprising the order Torpediniformes. They are known for being capable of producing an electric discharge, ranging from as little as 8 volts up to 220 volts depending on species, used to stun prey and for defense.[2] There are 69 species in four families. Perhaps the best known members are those of the genus Torpedo, also called crampfish and numbfish, after which the device called a torpedo is named. The name comes from the Latin torpere, to be stiffened or paralyzed, referring to the effect on someone who handles or steps on a living electric ray. Torpedo rays are excellent swimmers. Their disk-shaped bodies allow them to remain suspended in the water or roam with minimal swimming effort.
Torpedo Ray

Ray gliding over the bottom

Torpedo Ray
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